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Retirement Planning is Dead! You can't achieve Financial Freedom with the traditional work-save-invest-retire path. If you are looking for a new way to Retire Early, this book is for you!

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Say No: To Another 10 Years!
"The saddest thing in life is that you work for the same thing every day for the hope that one day, some day, you don’t
have to do the same thing again.”"
- Ivan Guan
Found of FIRE Retirement Community
From The Author of The Book "FIRE Your Retirement"
If you are here, chances are you are in pursuit of financial freedom. And you heard about this word over and over and over again, FIRE!

F.I.R.E. is an acronym for Financial Independence and Retire Early. And you probably have heard many people with self-claimed FIRE: work from home as a freelancer or influencer, trading stocks by the beach with a laptop.

But that is not FIRE, that is just another job. And worst still, a job without predictable income.

You may not be looking for a lavish spending lifestyle, nor do you want to run a multi-billion dollar business, you just want to be free

FREE from worrying about the next mortgage payment.

FREE from worrying about your children’s university fees

FREE from worrying about insufficient retirement funds.

You know you have to do something, you just do not know how to start. 

If that is you, "FIRE Your Retirement" is the exact book you need. 

I am confident this book will help you because I was there, same as you, seeking the secrets of FIRE. And I have compressed my years of research and experiences into this book.

The past 3 years is a wake-up call to all of us. We can no longer retire the same way as our parents do. That’s why today I want to give you what you need to take your first step to Financial Freedom, for FREE!

I promise you that this book will give you the clarity, courage and commitment which you need to pursue a life of freedom. You will no longer live a life constraint by your job and money!

What's Inside The Book!?
  • Why you don’t need to wait for another 10 years to be free
  • ​​Why most people failed their financial freedom endeavour
  • ​Why you need mini-retirement
  • ​What is the first thing you need to start your FIRE journey
  • ​What is Kueh-Lapis Income Machine What is Kueh-Lapis Income Machine
  • ​​What is the 3-step blueprint to retire early
  • ​​What is true wealth and how to live a legacy
  • ​How to have enough money for the future without sacrificing the life you enjoy today
  • ​How to defeat your internal and external financial trolls
  • ​​How to receive a stream of income like free-flow coffee
  • ​​How to live like a millionaire without having a million dollars
  • ​​How to set up an early retirement action plan  in 3 days

ACT NOW - Don't Wait Another 10 Years!

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The FIRE Your Retirement Book

($28 Value)

This book will fire your imagination and give you a fresh perspective on what retirement really means! 

It also gives you a practical 3-step process to generate a lifetime passive income, so you can enjoy financial freedom and retire early.

FIRE Retirement Secrets Class

($997 Value)

You are entitled to our monthly FIRE Retirement Secrets Online Class which I will teach you how to unlock your Cash Flow so you can be FREE from worrying about retirement.

FIRE Retirement Community


You are not alone in this FIRE journey!

Join our FIRE community with like-minded people. You will make new friends, explore new ideas and learn from each other.  

What Do People Say About The Book

 Kyith - InvestmentMoats

If you are still on the fence about FIRE, This book may change your opinion

 For a country with many above middle-income people, pursuing financial independence is a realistic and achievable endeavour.

Ivan has laid out a book explaining why financial independence and retiring early is a good endeavour on a philosophical basis. If you are still on the fence about FIRE, this book may change your opinion.

 Paul Ho - iCompareLoan

You will really need to sit up and pay attention to what Ivan says

Retirement is an important subject, it is not easy to write a complicated subject with such simplicity. 

You will really need to sit up and pay attention to what Ivan says. More importantly, there are really good retirement investment and planning tips set out with some clear action plan to get you started.

 Alvin Chow - DrWealth

This book is a testament to Ivan’s qualities

A good financial advisor is both competent and ethical. An ethical but not competent advisor is a nice person but would not be able to deliver a sound financial plan to you. A competent but unethical advisor would probably be going after your money.

Ivan Guan is one of the rare financial advisors who exhibits high competency and ethics. This book is a testament to his qualities and is written for every man in mind.
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  • FIRE Retirement Secrets Online Class ($997 Value)
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